Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Wishing Well

Having written the title, the song by 'Free' is now running around my head adding background music to yet another missive from deepest, darkest Castilla.

The wishing well in this case is a sort of play on words for small town Spain. People automatically wish you well whenever they pass you by. Even the most dour of residents here will happily wish a 'good morning' when passing; though this is something that is being reserved more and more for the older generation.

The case behind this blog entry is precisely one of those occasions of having been wished the best by a neighbour and then their semi-innocent enquiry as to why I was buying flowers at the local supermarket. The tone was fairly neutral, and despite the fact that it is common around this area to leave flowers on the graves of the dearly departed on the first of November, there were a few too many hints as to the nose for gossip to make it a comfortable conversation; that was the beginning.

The second verse to the song was to do with Halloween and its increasing popularity around here - though there is certainly a large portion of the Castillian population who don't trust it and associate anything to do with it as Devil worship. Upon arriving at one of the local schools dressed ready for a Halloween party with the kids, more than the odd question was raised about my religion, reason for having dressed as I had, insinuations as to my being a practitioner of the dark arts etc.

All of which led me to start having a serious think about my attitude towards the things that I share or have shared with the general public, or even local friends. Recent years have seen the business that I run going from strength to strength, an amalgamation with a close friend, to the point where we now have a large base of students throughout the locality. Certain things that exist on the net involve me, some voluntarily, some not quite so, and I now find myself under a local microscope. So far I have been quite reclusive and only 'exotic' when it has been required of me. Though I have had more than the odd experience where I have been badly burned by local opinion. After the two incidents in the supermarket and in the school, I started to think seriously about many of the things can, or could be found out about me on line. This has meant the deletion of Facebook and all pertaining to it. Tuenti is going to be the next to go, and even Myspace may be close behind it. Google plus I have left open as there I have a lot more control over what is or isn't shown of me, and I would like to have some form of contact with those of you who are further away that two roads along.

Thus if I have gone missing, it really isn't anything personal, it isn't anything that I'm holding against any of you, it's just survival kicking in and trying very hard to be allowed to continue without public scrutiny over every action or comment made on line.

Take care all of you, and kisses to all

B xx