Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Another stream of consciousness, this one is probably going up without editing, so please excuse the 'rough' nature of what is said after this; as and whe I have time I will make amends both with the blog and with myself. When you make some decisions, they come with consequences, many of which you don't take into account, though they are just as important as the main factors themselves; human frailty isn't the easiest of bedfellows. About ten years ago I took the decision that my life was going to be in Spain, having had a long and involved chat with my parents, and particularly with my father, I took the plunge and came here to see what I could do with my skills and with the limited resources I had at the time. I remember the converstaion with my dad in a nearby pub just before I left to come here: "You are really lucky you know that? That's something all parents say I suppose, look just listen. When you have to choose a job, choose something you love to do, something that makes you happy, something that really excites and interests you. Think about it, you're going to be doing it for the rest of your life. Just imagine having to get up every morning and hating what ou do. You'd feel trapped, unhappy and upset about having to go into work. All I know is that I dreaded the thought of going into work, and there is nothing worse that that feeling every day of your life, every day of your working existence. You know that your mother and I are going to support you in whatever decision you take, no matter how hard it is, and no matter how difficult we find it at the time, there are decisions that you have to make, and they should be the ones that you know are importatnt to you. Don't rush into anything, really think about it and don't just say yes to the first thing you are offered." These words have often come to me, as many other words I have had with my Dad over the years, words that have come to bear more meaning now than they ever would have in the past. He was right. I love my job, I really am happy to be getting uo every day to do waht I do, to talk with my students, to talk with my clients, to make people understand each other and to bering a text alive in another language. I know that I'm going to be geeking out about the differnece between two verbs, trying to get students to see the difference between two sentences that earlier in the morning neither I nor they had ever really considered and getting two people from two different countries and backgrounds to understand each other. The job certainly has stresses. There are students that have great difficulty in grasping even the most basic of concepts. There are students who have had so many years of uninspiring drivel thrwon their way that they can't see the beauty of suddenly being able to invent and construct in another language. The advantages that it brings, and the deeper understanding that it creates among others. There are days when you really do wonder at the mentalitly of those that have taken your fifteen hours straight work on ten pages of text and don't understand why you are charging them 25€ per hour for the text you have been sweating on, trying to make clear for them, trying to make sound as alive as the person that wrote it wanted it to. There are people that see the ease with which you speak and want you to charge a lot les as 'for you it isn't really that difficult'. All of this is undoubtedly true. However, the moment when you see two people that never would have understood each other in any other way suddenly forge a relationship, when you see that someone gets as excited or emotional over a text that you have been working on, when you watch that child that was getting a one and a hlaf grade average in English suddenly leap up four marks because of the input you have had in their life, it all ecomes extremely satisfying. Today sat over a cold Gin and Tonic discussing the sifference between 'emphsis' and 'stress' it all became quite clear where the love for everything comes from. If even in your free time you are happy to do something, then it's obviosuly something you love, those beers often come back to me now, the special times sat chatting about nothing and everything. The advice there was genuine and well given, thus I share it with you all over this less that intimate medium, perhaps it might get through to you as well... B xx