Saturday, 16 July 2011

Perhaps for auditing later...

Dear all,
Tonight I have had an experience that has made me think of all of my friends, my move abroad, my motives, and the people who now surround me as a sort of chosen family.

Tonight I have been judged for the way I speak, for the life I have led, and for the way in which I behave in front of others; a way in which I was led to believe was both normal, and indeed the done thing.

I arrived in Lugo with very little, I was a student, had nowhere to live and had no-one to call a friend or even to call an acquaintance at that time. Within five minutes of being in the front door of the school I was assigned to I was invited to the house of the person dealing with me, I was taken under his wing and given his total hospitality with not the slightest question asked. Roberto and Marta took me under their wing, gave me their house, their hospitality and their love without ever questioning anything I did or anything I said. They have continued to give me their friendship and their unadultarated love and respect despite never having done anything to deserve such friendship.

When my contract was running out and my landlady was about to let my room again I was talking to the mother of one of the kids I was teaching guitar to, and she let me a room for two months in a three bedroom flat that her brother had been using for as little as 45 Euros. When I had nowhere to live I was immediately offered respite and refuge with people that had nothing to do with me, I was given meal by those who least had to look after me, and that will always be remembered

I then come back to my home town and am slated for many things that the person in question couldn't have possibly known about me. Conjecture led to a ridiculous conversation based on their idea before they had even spoken to me. If ever I have appreciated those who have been kind to me when least expected it has been now, and precisely for that I extend my most heartfelt gratitude and love to you all, please excuse the rant, B xxx