Monday, 2 November 2009

The end of the book

After nearly three years on facebook, I have seen that it is time to leave and to go on to other things. The decision was not elitist: having a lot of people on a social networking site is hardly a surprise bearing in mind the precise reason that the whole thing was created in the first place. Though I do find it strange when people join what is essentially a networking site and then complain when lots of people join and things start getting much bigger. The site is performing precisely its function by doing this and any complaints towards the fact are just a contradiction in terms.

It all started over something silly. It isn't really significant enoguh to warrant spending text space over, but I was sufficiently hurt to make me think a lot about friendship. I realised that of several hundred people added as 'friends' I was essentially contacting the same people continually, both on and outwith the site itself. A lot of people after an initial flurry of 'It has been way too long, we really must meet and catch up, what are you doing nowadays? I'm (insert last ten years here)' were never seen or heard from again.

Thus leading me to the conclusion that perhaps just sending a person a video from time to time, the latest viral that has hit the site, or the latest fad app might actually not really be any form of friendship whatsoever.

I have made a vow to now start contacting people in a more conventional sense with an e-mail from time to time. Dedicating five minutes to them is actually thinking about a friend, taking time for someone. Perhaps this is just making some kind of luddite point, I'm not sure, but I think it will help rekindle some friendships at least, and hopefully for the better.

I hope this has gone some way to explaining my reasons for saying goodbye to the book, normal service will resume shortly,

B xx